Evolution For Enterprises In A Cloud World  

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A virtually seamless experience

AT&T NetBond for Cloud connects your people, your data and your business directly to the services offered by a growing ecosystem of leading cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Salesforce. It can also connect these providers to each other, through the same AT&T MPLS network. It’s not just a one-to-one connection, it’s an integrated network that brings together your own data centers, public clouds and private clouds in a true hybrid environment. The cloud providers become a virtual extension of your AT&T MPLS VPN, appearing as additional nodes on your network. They’re available via fast, highly-secure connections to any network user. And it’s an environment that’s governed by robust Service Level Agreements. There are no up-front capital costs and you’ll have all the controls you need to simplify network management.

Cloud-to-cloud connectivity

As organizations deploy multiple clouds and move their processing to cloud platforms, connectivity between clouds becomes more important. With cloud-to-cloud connectivity from AT&T NetBond for Cloud, businesses can manage multiple workloads running on different cloud platforms through a single portal. It eliminates the barriers between cloud platforms and lets data move efficiently among public, private and hybrid cloud applications.

Things to consider

AT&T NetBond for Cloud delivers clear advantages in terms of security, simplicity, performance and cost.

  • It avoids the internet, reducing the potential for DDoS attacks and other common cyber threats.

  • It simplifies cloud connectivity, so your IT department is looking at a less complex environment and a reduction in hardware costs.

  • The virtual network connections deliver better, more predictable application performance.

  • It lets AT&T MPLS VPN customers leverage their existing investment.

Fast, cost-effective provisioning

With AT&T NetBond for Cloud, cloud providers are pre-integrated with the AT&T network. That means you can be up and running quickly. No additional equipment or access lines are needed for existing customers that have an MPLS VPN from AT&T. A self-service portal gives you control over your network with burstable computing resources. That helps avoid the expense of over-provisioning, since you can scale your network resources as demand fluctuates. Charges are based on your minimum bandwidth commitment. You have a predictable monthly charge with the flexibility to adjust and limit overage charges that apply for usage above the minimum bandwidth.