AT&T delivers a comprehensive suite of business solutions designed to meet the diverse operational needs of hotels.


Connected hotel, guest experience, brand trust

Network infrastructure made simple

Transform how you manage your infrastructure, making your hotel more agile and responsive.

Increase customer responsiveness with a Hosted VoIP Solution

Handle customer inquiries without delay while enhancing employee flexibility and productivity. Hosted VoIP expands your options for business communication with features such as:

  • A single number to reach an employee wherever they are located: on the road, at a customer site or working from home.
  • Ability for employees to make and answer calls from a range of devices.
  • An enriched call experience with on-demand conference calling, web conferencing, and more.

AT&T Enhanced Push-to-Talk

Instant, one-touch, communication between front and back of house employees on a wide array of devices. When dealing with the expected—and unexpected—the reliability, reach, and security of the AT&T network helps you get the job done.

Wi-Fi Enterprise with Data Patterns

Wi-Fi and data help you connect with customers in ways that spur growth, increase brand loyalty, and enhance the consumer experience.

Hotel guests don’t just want complimentary Wi-Fi. They expect it.

Highly secure solutions keep public and private traffic separate, prioritizing your back-office traffic. It’s a design that lets you meet your business objectives and satisfy consumer demand.

Full-service security log management and monitoring

Harnessing the power of AT&T Threat Intellect, processes and our cybersecurity experts are the backbone of our security service portfolio. AT&T Threat Management delivers real-time log monitoring, correlation and expert analysis of security activity across customer’s enterprise.

Full Service Support For Your IoT Solutions

Let our professional services team help you design and implement solutions and provide end-to-end support at every phase.

Cybersecurity Consulting Services

We can help organizations minimize risks, manage security operations effectively, and work toward achieving regulatory compliance.