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At NetSpark, we understand the pressure that organizations face in keeping sensitive data and intellectual property secure. Negative headlines surrounding the fallout of data breaches underscore the importance of staying one step ahead of hackers and the accountability CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, CISOs and Info SEC teams have in ensuring information is protected.

Information security encompasses an everchanging array of technologies, policies, processes and technical disciplines – vital resources that can be costly and complex for organizations to procure and maintain. DDI lifts the burden through their Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) program and streamlines security operations through Frontline VM. The DDI solutions are available at a fraction of the cost of competitive tools, saving you time and money


Approach to Cyber Security


What is on my network?

It all starts with having a scanner capable of quickly, comprehensively and accurately assessing endpoints and servers for operating system and application vulnerabilities.


Which assets are at risk & what should I do about their vulnerabilities?

Once network assets have been scanned, data must be converted into actionable intelligence. It’s no secret that security analysts are overwhelmed and frustrated by mountains of vulnerability assessment data, much of which is either misleading or of limited value. 


How do I measure my overall risk and where should I focus remediation efforts?

Frontline’s Security GPA rating system provides a clear, easy-to-understand picture of your organization’s security posture. Gone are the arcane “in the weeds” metrics that can’t be meaningfully communicated to executives.  



How can I integrate Frontline vulnerability findings into my security workflow?

Effective vulnerability management requires a seamless workflow process from identification to remediation. Frontline Connect makes it easy to integrate discovered, analyzed, scored, and prioritized vulnerabilities.


How do I assess where I’m exposed from an attacker’s perspective?

There are two key areas to check: your “network attack surface” and your “personnel attack surface”. Frontline Pen Test assesses the first, and Frontline Social Test assesses the second.


Am I meeting requisite compliance standards?

Not every industry with regulatory compliance explicitly requires pen testing and/or vulnerability management. HIPAA, for example, does not state outright a requirement for either.


VMaaS is Here

• Diverse Portfolio of Assessment Solutions - As experts in security risk assessments, DDI satisfies the needs of organizations in multiple industries from small businesses to Fortune organizations.  High quality, yet economical, their unique model allows flexibility and scalability.
• Advanced Correlation Technology - DDI’s patent pending technology has what other assessment  providers do not….the ability to precisely account for network churn. Accuracy matters in security. DDI gives you peace of mind.
• Powerful Data Processing Platform – Frontline VM, DDI’s progressive and intuitive platform, is a  robust and nimble interface that helps to identify the most critical vulnerabilities, ensuring remediation efforts are narrowly focused. Underpinned by patented scanning technology, Frontline VM enables organizations to go beyond vulnerability scanning and experience vulnerability management at its best.
• Business Driven Risk Metrics – DDI understands the importance of communicating security posture in a clear and comprehensible manner. DDI providea reports and metrics at the executive level, as well as in granular detail. Their Security GPA® rating system provides a clear and dynamic view of your organization’s security posture.


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