Evolution For Enterprises In A Cloud World  

Cloud is no longer an unseen, futuristic technology that proves unattainable for enterprises. Rather, it’s become the norm; a necessity for realizing cost efficiency and digitally transforming the way enterprises see, store, and capitalize on their data. Common misconceptions say cloud is strictly about data, when in actuality many of the best systems and applications are currently being developed in the cloud. Migrating to the cloud is necessary to stay competitive, and it’s essential to deliver a great experience to the end user. To that end, solutions are necessary now.

Private, public, hybrid, off-prem, on-prem – the list of variables in cloud migration and storage is deep and wide. The total IT spend on cloud services in 2015 was 30-percent. That number is expected to grow each year and reach 47-percent by 2020 . Is your enterprise ready? Have you researched your options? NetSpark is ready to help you with ways your business can make the move to cloud seamlessly.



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A virtually seamless experience

AT&T NetBond for Cloud connects your people, your data and your business directly to the services offered by a growing ecosystem of leading cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Salesforce. It can also connect these providers to each other, through the same AT&T MPLS network. It’s not just a one-to-one connection, it’s an integrated network that brings together your own data centers, public clouds and private clouds in a true hybrid environment. The cloud providers become a virtual extension of your AT&T MPLS VPN, appearing as additional nodes on your network. They’re available via fast, highly-secure connections to any network user. And it’s an environment that’s governed by robust Service Level Agreements. There are no up-front capital costs and you’ll have all the controls you need to simplify network management.

Cloud-to-cloud connectivity

As organizations deploy multiple clouds and move their processing to cloud platforms, connectivity between clouds becomes more important. With cloud-to-cloud connectivity from AT&T NetBond for Cloud, businesses can manage multiple workloads running on different cloud platforms through a single portal. It eliminates the barriers between cloud platforms and lets data move efficiently among public, private and hybrid cloud applications.

Things to consider

AT&T NetBond for Cloud delivers clear advantages in terms of security, simplicity, performance and cost.

  • It avoids the internet, reducing the potential for DDoS attacks and other common cyber threats.
  • It simplifies cloud connectivity, so your IT department is looking at a less complex environment and a reduction in hardware costs.
  • The virtual network connections deliver better, more predictable application performance.
  • It lets AT&T MPLS VPN customers leverage their existing investment.

Fast, cost-effective provisioning

With AT&T NetBond for Cloud, cloud providers are pre-integrated with the AT&T network. That means you can be up and running quickly. No additional equipment or access lines are needed for existing customers that have an MPLS VPN from AT&T. A self-service portal gives you control over your network with burstable computing resources. That helps avoid the expense of over-provisioning, since you can scale your network resources as demand fluctuates. Charges are based on your minimum bandwidth commitment. You have a predictable monthly charge with the flexibility to adjust and limit overage charges that apply for usage above the minimum bandwidth.