We help our clients execute Telecom strategies and deploy technology to optimize operations and efficiency.

NetSpark combines our management-consulting approach with in-depth IT expertise to provide internal technology teams with customized, technology-strategy, and consulting services. We work closely with telecom clients who are facing new business challenges that place high demand on future IT & Infrastructure capabilities. Our team helps CTOs and CIOs with major investment decisions that affect their company's performance. Our expertise and insights, developed through serving telecom operators, give us a rich understanding of the dynamic nature of the Telecom and technology landscape and the complexity involved in using technology to deliver real value and impact. The net effect for our clients is significant improvement in their overall telecom performance and return on investment, along with a decrease in total cost of ownership.

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Discovery We establish a clear understanding of your organizational objectives, as well as your current business and operating environments.

Analysis We perform an evaluation of your current technology infrastructure, processes, and capabilities – to determine what deficiencies must be overcome in order to reach your objectives.

Design and Planning We collaborate with you and your team to develop a sound plan for implementation while taking into consideration, your business, your customers, and your technology requirements.

Implementation We oversee project management when we implement your solutions. This includes tight controls for such aspects as budget, schedule and deadlines, initial solution testing, with communication and coordination.

Outcome Audit We validate the success of the transformation by measuring the results against the anticipated outcomes.

Optimization & Management We help you apply prescribed best practices on an on-going basis to assure your transformation goals are met, and to help identify additional transformation requirements as your strategic objectives evolve. We also offer options for Managed Services to relieve your organization of the day-to-day responsibility for a variety of IT operations.


NetSpark Telecom: 

  • Will learn your business structure and goals

  • Will understand your IT infrastructure

  • Will determine the optimal product or solution

  • Will implement and support the selected solution

  • Stays on to handle all customer service and escalations

  • Becomes an integrated part of your organization’s ecosystem


REDEFINE your network with SD-WAN


Learn more about our managed SD-WAN Solution for streamlining and providing a secure, cost effective, network through software orchestration.

RETHINK Enterprise mobility


Reduce costs, boost worker productivity or increase customer engagement, with a mobility strategy and roadmap. We can help you design and implement solutions to your exact specifications with options such as Mobile Security, Mobile Connectivity, and Apps & Services.

REVAMP enterprise integration with UCaaS

Choose the collaboration tools right for your employees. Integrated solutions that bring multiple tools, such as instant messaging (IM), conferencing, email, and voice calling together.


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